Our Team

The team at Countryside Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing you with the best service in a friendly, professional manner. We appreciate the importance of the human-animal bond--we experience that pleasure everyday in both our personal and professional lives. It is our delight to join with our clients in recognizing and appreciating each cat or dog for their unique qualities and special gifts.

Our mission is to continually challenge ourselves, to be receptive to new ideas, and to promote patient comfort and client education. We are never too busy to answer a question, share an experience, or offer a word of encouragement. We are dedicated to pets and the people who love them.

Our Staff


Aby at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am originally from Maryland. I came to Arizona to go to ASU. Soon after graduation I got marred and got my very first dog, Brittany. From that point forward I knew I had to work with animals. My husband Paul and I have two adorable, energetic terriers and twins Carsten and Briella, born March 2009. I have been with Countryside in client relations since February 2000.


Ashley at Tempe Animal Clinic

I have lived in Arizona my whole life and I graduated from ASU with my undergraduate degree. I love working with animals! Outside of working at Countryside I am involved in dog training and wildlife rehabilitation. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my great dane, Ziggy and my several ball pythons.


Calli at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. I received my CVT credentials after graduating from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 2007. I have been working for Countryside since September of 2017. I enjoy biking, snowboarding and hiking with my husband and son Sam. I also have a passion for horses and enjoy training and western trailing riding.


Cameron at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am an Arizona native. I will be attending nursing school in the fall of 2017, but animals are a passion of mine. I have been a technician for four years. Cats are my favorite pets but in my free time you can find me training and spending time with my quarter horse. J.R. I also have two dogs, Princeton and Pepper and a cat named Phoebe.


Christine at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am a graduate of ASU with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Biological Sciences with a concentration in wildlife habitat management. My dream job is to become a dolphin trainer or zoo keeper. Animals have always held a special place in my heart and I cannot imagine doing anything but working with them in some way. I am happily married and I have 6 beautiful children and a terrier mix named Buddy. I have been with Countryside in various positions since August of 2003.


Diaundra at Tempe Animal Clinic

After completing an internship through the Mesa Community College Vet Tech program in 2010, I began working at Countryside during the summer of 2011. I am happily married with 2 sweet cats and 2 little white dogs named Stella and Bernard. When I’m not at Countryside, my hobbies include makeup artistry, hiking and watching U of A football.


Erika at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am originally from Wisconsin. I move to Arizona to finish school and I enjoyed the weather so much that I stayed. I hold a bachelor’s degree in both zoology and anthropology from the University of Wisconsin a master’s degree in anthropology from ASU. After teaching for a while I decided that I missed working with animals and went back to school to be a veterinarian technician. After finishing school and several internships I took my national and state board exams and am now a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) and can’t imagine doing anything else. I have two cats, which are little monsters, Mikey and Mabel Louise.


Julie at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am married with two daughters Jordan and Riley. I have 15 cats and 3 dogs. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, lifting weights and flipping tractor tires. I am a huge Broncos fan. I have been with Countryside Animal Hospital since 1994 as an animal groomer.


Kalee at Tempe Animal Clinic

Originally from Maui, I transferred to ASU for my junior year of college. During my first semester I met Dr. Dunning through the Veterinary Medicine Today course and started shadowing him at Countryside. I soon joined the staff here and have learned a lot from this amazing group of people. The clients, patients, and fellow staff are the reason I want to go to veterinary school. I love working here! Along with work and school, my boyfriend and I adopted a twelve year old springer spaniel named Snoopy who takes up a majority of our time. The three of us go hiking, fishing, and take short trips to California to see family.


Kim at Tempe Animal Clinic

My name is Kim and animals are one of my passions in life. I have 5 fur rescue babies at home - a 4 legged Chihuahua I found out on the streets named Timmy, a 3-legged Chihuahua we adopted from the Chihuahua rescue, a 15 year old pit bull name Lola who was born at Maricopa County Animal Control, a 10 year old Puggle named Brody, and our new addition to the family Bob, a handsome 4 year old American Bulldog. He was a 75 pound over weight guy that was left by his previous owner when they moved. We found him at the AZ Small Dog Rescue. He is now at a healthy weight and happy in his new forever home. In my spare time I regularly spend a lot of my time at the gym bodybuilding. When I’m not at the gym I’m at the lake wake surfing and wakeboarding. I snowboard weekly in the winter as well as skate and golf. I just recently got into hot yoga. Six years ago I was blessed to be able to marry my best friend and my soul mate!


Macala at Tempe Animal ClinicI am originally from California but have lived in Arizona most of my life. I currently have 5 pups, 4 tortoises, a lizard, a bunny named Ollie and a hedgehog named Millie. One of my biggest dreams is being able to work with animals the rest of my life and become a vet. I’m currently enrolled at a Community College and plan on transferring to CSU for their veterinary program. I also volunteer at a horse rescue and love to travel and go hiking or camping with my boyfriend and our 1 year old adventure pup.


Megan at Tempe Animal Clinic

I was born and raised in Tempe, Az. I have been a huge animal lover my entire life and have always wanted to work with animals. I currently have four senior dogs; Jade, Ginger, Bailey and Jack and plan to get more down the line. I have been with Countryside since July 2005.


Michelle at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am a native of Arizona. I am married and have three wonderful children, two boys and 1 girl, dogs, cats and chickens. I also practice Real Estate. I have been with Countryside as a groomer since 1998.


Rebecca at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am originally from Orange County, California. I graduated from ASU in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Pre-Veterinary Science. I have been working for Countryside since May of 2015. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and two sweet cats Titan and Peanut.


Samantha at Tempe Animal Clinic

I was born and raised in Phoenix. I’m currently attending ASU for my undergraduate studies. I’ll be graduating this year after completing my prerequisites for veterinary school. My goal is to become a veterinarian. I’ve always had a passion for animals and can’t see myself in any other field. In my spare time I love to read and spend time helping animals in need at the Arizona Humane Society. I also spend my time with my boyfriend of 4 years caring for our cats, dogs and fish. Soon we will be adding shrimp to our freshwater aquatic tanks!


Sara at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am an Arizona native! I have been working for Countryside since the summer of 2008 after completing my internship for the Veterinary Assistance Program at E.V.I.T. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in biology with a pre-emphasis in pharmacy and I am currently completing my BSN-RN at Brookline College. I have a general love for medicine in all species. My fiancé and I have acquired two pretty wonderful dogs, Betty White and Lobo.


Shannon at Tempe Animal Clinic

I am originally from Minnesota and moved to Arizona after graduating from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 1999. I have worked with Countryside since 2002. I have a passion for animals and love to build relationships with people. I enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids CJ and Ella. We love spending time outdoors and with family and friends. I have two rowdy dogs Wilson and Nahla and two very sweet cats Chloe and Franklin.